Junior Modeling Engineer (Temporary 12 months)

  • Digital Engineering
  • Lugano, Switzerland

Junior Modeling Engineer (Temporary 12 months)

Job description

Casale Sa, leader in chemical plant design (ammonia, urea, methanol, melamine, nitrates and phosphates), and operating on a worldwide basis is increasing its staff and is seeking a Numerical Modeling Engineer.

The offered position is within the Modeling Section of the Digital Engineering Department.

You will be part of an existing group and you will use your modelling skills to create, improve and maintain proprietary tools used by Process Engineers in their design tasks, including thermodynamic property packages and equilibrium and non-equilibrium vapor-liquid models for reactors, columns, falling film evaporators, solid dryers, etc. present in Casale proprietary technologies.

You will manage customers' plant data within our internal data center. You will build plant models and perform simulation for data reconciliation purposes and model validation. You will create sophisticated analytical tools for the analysis and forecasting of plant data. You will closely collaborate with the chemical process and customer care departments.

You will use your software programming expertise to create user-friendly software, to improve engineering efficiency and robustness of Casale’s process division, and to support the creation of new ideas along with the research and development department.

You will be interacting with the technological core of the company in a friendly environment, seeking to constantly improve your scientific knowledge and modelling skills.

Job requirements

You have a strong technical background in:

  • Physical / numerical modeling
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Thermodynamics
  • Transport phenomena
  • Vapor-Liquid equilibrium
  • Reactive systems

Experience in the following topics will be considered advantageous:

  • Solution of vapor-Liquid equilibrium problems
  • Heat and mass transfer across interfaces
  • Data reconciliation applied to plant data
  • Surrogate modelling / machine learning

Sound knowledge on at least two programming languages listed below:

  • C# (or Vb.NET) – WPF and Windows Forms
  • C++
  • Python
  • Any other object-oriented language

You enjoy learning software programming and are open to learn new languages and techniques.